Mum to Be Package

Our Mum to Be Package is the perfect preparation for both you and your baby

Do you want to make sure that your body is in the best shape possible leading up to your baby’s birth?

Are you suffering from niggling aches or limits in your daily activities?


3 sessions for only £149
+ FREE health check for your baby

(normally £225)


Session 1 – Alignment Check: Full mobility of the pelvis and lumbar spine is essential to a easy and successful natural birth. In this session you will have a full check of pelvis, spine and all the crucial muscles involved during the birth to ensure that you are in the best shape possible.

Session 2 – Preparing Your Muscles: In this session you will be advised on specific stretches and exercises for you to keep you strong and flexible leading up to the birth.

Session 3- Pelvis and Pelvic Floor: This is when we will do a thorough examination of the pelvic floor and muscles involved in the birth process. This should be checked the final few weeks leading up to the birth and if any small adjustments need to be made to your exercises then we can do this at the same time.

+ FREE health check for your baby after the birth

Check that your baby is not suffering with any discomfort or tension following the birth




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