Osteopathy For Babies and Children

Osteopathy for Babies and Children


We offer cranial osteopathy for babies and children at our clinic in Guildford, Surrey. Cranial osteopathy is a safe and gentle approach to treating babies and children for complaints attributable to mechanical strains acquired before birth or during the birth process.

Having a new baby is incredibly exciting and satisfying but can also be the most challenging and difficult thing you have ever taken on. Nothing prepares you for the demands. When you baby cries for a lot of the time; when you can’t settle them or when they simply just don’t seem happy it can be helpful to bring your baby in to be assessed.

There is a growing body of evidence to support the effectiveness of cranial osteopathy in treating various different conditions in babies and children.

Westcott (2004) showed that cranial osteopathy was effective in the treatment of babies with breast feeding problems or sucking dysfunction. By treating and stresses around the babies head and jaw this showed a significant improvement in feeding.

Amiel-Tison and Soyez-Papiernik (2008) showed that cranial osteopathic treatment of children with cranial asymmetries (plagiocephaly) did significantly decrease the degree of asymmetry seen. Lessard et al (2011) supported this study showing improvement of cranial asymmetries, more significantly in children younger than 6 months.

Kotzampaltiris et al (2009) also showed a significant improvement of babies who suffering from excessive crying following osteopathic treatment. Excessive crying is also linked with infantile colic, which Hayden and Mullinger (2006) showed can be improved with osteopathic treatment.

References available on request

Cranial Osteopathy is commonly used in the treatment of babies, in which gentle pressure is applied on different areas of their body. Sally uses cranial osteopathy for the treatment of babies and children from her clinic in Guildford.

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