Pilates 1-to-1 Sessions

Everybody should do Pilates, it’s as simple as that! Adele’s Pilates classes have a deep rooted foundation in traditional and classical pilates. By combining Pilates exercises with low-impact high intensity moves, the workouts provided will result in a harmonious balance of stability, strength and mobility within your body. ┬áCore exercises are at the heart of all the workouts alongside using your own body resistance and resistance bands to improve your flexibility.

Adele’s knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics underpins each class and she aims to make every session flow in a seamless pattern of functional and adaptable movement. Wherever she can she likes to incorporate rehabilitation into her classes to further develop strength, mobilise and alignment.

She aims to make my clients feel energised and motivated to continue to look after their health and fitness both internally and externally and strive to create new ideas and strategies to bring into each class.